Don’t Judge a Person by Their Vote – True Confessions of a Trump Supporter 

In the weeks since the election I have been called many things. I’ve been called racist, homophobic and sexist. I’ve been told I am contributing to rape culture and that I have no respect for myself as a woman. I’ve been called an ignorant, uneducated gun loving hick. I’ve been told I hate Muslims and I’m anti-Religious. I’ve been told that I don’t love my country and I don’t care about people. I’ve been told that in general, I’m a judgmental, bad person who is filled with nothing but hate. And, I’ve lost friends. All because I filled in the box next to Donald Trump’s name and made the choice to be vocal about that choice because I refuse to allow others to shame me for making the choice I believe was right for my family and our country. I do not believe I am any of the things I’ve been called lately and while I tell you why at the end of this post. Fist, I have decided to share with you some of my political views. You can feel free to judge me based on these, I don’t mind…

I am gun rights and pro conceal carry. I believe in the rights of every legal citizen of the United States (given they are legally allowed to own a gun) to own, use and conceal carry guns. I am also pro gun control and I believe that we need stricter gun laws, including tighter background checks, closing the loophole and requiring each person who purchases a gun to take and pass a gun safety course, similar driver’s license requirements. Finally, I do not believe in gun free zones.

I am pro first amendment. I believe that our soldiers and veterans have fought and continue to fight for our freedoms and that freedom is one of the things that make America the great country it is. I support the rights to speak freely, protest peacefully and for each and every person to feel safe in expressing their own opinions. I personally believe in standing for the National Anthem, saying the Pledge of Allegiance and respecting our flag, however, this is a free country and while I don’t agree with the choice, I don’t believe in taking away the rights of Americans to sit for the anthem or disrespect our flag.

I am pro border control. I do support legal immigration into the United States, from any country, however, we do need to take the proper steps to ensure that those immigrating are doing so legally and have been properly vetted, including criminal background and terror watch list checks. I do support deporting illegal immigrants who have felony records, records for crimes involving; drug distribution, sex or domestic violence, and any who are now or have ever been on the terror watch list.

I am pro military and believe that sometime war is necessary. Regardless of the reason we go to war, I will always 100% support  our troops and our veterans.

I support tax reform. I believe our government needs to help rebuild the middle class.

I am anti Obama care. I do believe in healthcare reform, however, our current healthcare system is not working.

I am pro welfare system reform. I believe in helping those who truly need help and are unable to work, but I do not feel my tax dollars should go to support able-bodied individuals who simply do not want to work.

By now, you’re probably thinking I must be a Republican. However I don’t consider myself Republican or Democrat, right wing or left wing, conservative or liberal. I do have some conservative beliefs, yet, particularly when it comes to people, I tend to be more liberal.

I am personally pro-life, however, I support Roe v Wade and politically, I am pro-choice. I do believe that there needs to be restrictions on abortion, making it illegal after the first trimester and limiting late term abortions to instances of death of the mother. Outside of those restrictions, I believe that abortion is a personal choice and not a political one and I hope one day our government will realize this. I do think that many of our pro-life politicians have their hearts in the right places, but, it’s just not a choice for them to make for others based on their personal or religious beliefs.

I am pro LGBTQ rights. I support your right to have children, marry who you want and to use the restroom of your choice. Love is love.

Those are the big things, feel free to ask about anything else. Now, to respond to the judgment that’s been passed on me (and many other Trump supporters).

I’m not a racist. I don’t care what you look like or what color your skin is. I believe God created all people and that all lives matter.

I’m not homophobic. Like I said above, I’m pro gay rights. Love is love.

I’m not a sexist. I believe that God created men and women equal.

I don’t beleive that I contributed to rape culture by voting for Donald Trump. I’m also not offended by “locker room talk.” I do not believe that means I don’t respect myself as a woman any more than the fact that I didn’t vote for Hillary does. I am proud to be a woman, God’s beautiful bride.

 I’m not ignorant and uneducated. Also, I take no offense to being called a gun loving hick. 
I don’t hate any religion. I am a Christian. You are free to believe in whatever you want to believe in and worship however you want. That being said, I don’t believe it is ever ok to use your religion as an excuse to hurt anyone.

I shouldn’t have to tell anyone how much I love America at this point.

Or how much I love all people. As a Christian, I beleive the greatest thing God calls us to do is love. And love I do – regardless of race, religion, gender, politics, beleifs, opinions or whether or not you agree with me. And I like to think that makes me a good person regardless of who I voted for. 

Oh, I’m Sorry, Did Something Offend You?

My first thought when I saw these weights at an assisted living facility? If this were made today, people would be offended.
How dare a company make a set of dumbbells that a super lightweight and call them, gasp, LADY bells? The makers of these dumbbells are obviously sexist, anti-feminist men who think women can’t be strong

I hope you read that last part humorously, you’re voice dripping in sarcasm.

I seriously feel like a day can’t go by without seeing an article about something being offensive. A slogan on a shirt at Target. A toy marketed towards girls that is only sold in pink. A blue toy for a boy. A costume that is racist. Someone posted a naked selfie. Someone else won’t stand during the National Anthem.

Enough already!!

This is America (well that’s where I’m writing this from) and in America we’ve got freedom. The freedom to stand. And the freedom not to stand. Freedom of speech. And the freedom to not buy, not listen to, not look at…the freedom to walk away from the things we don’t agree with.

There are a lot of things I don’t agree with, but, if those things don’t affect me then oh well, to each their own.


If you don’t like that shirt, don’t buy it.
If you don’t like costume, wear something different.
If you don’t agree with someones form of protest, don’t join them.
And if you don’t like naked selfies, stop following Kim K.


Thank You for Your Service

I work in a building that houses a VA Outpatient clinic so I see vets quite often. I always take the time to thank each veteran I come in contact with through the day for their service. Often times, they will say thank you and move on. Some will stop and shake my hand and ask me if anyone I know served. But, more often than not, they look at me with questions in their eyes, often having to do a double take and think about what I just said as if it were something they don’t here often. Each time this happens I am filled with a deep sadness that these men and women who gave so much for our country hear a word of thanks so little that it surprises them when they do.

Maybe I’m wrong? Maybe it isn’t normal to see a veteran and thank them for their service. Maybe to most people, seeing someone with a veterans hat, patches or vet plates isn’t enough to say, “this person served” and I should acknowledge that. To me, when it is obvious the person standing in front of me is a veteran, it is proper to thank them for their service. And when it’s not obvious, when they are simply wearing military branded gear, I often feel compelled to ask them if they served. They most generally did or know someone who did and at that point, I thank them for their service or offer my thanks to their loved one who did serve.

Maybe I feel strongly about this because my husband is a veteran. So is my grandpa, my uncles ans several of my cousins. Maybe I feel this way because I love my country and I appreciate all that are willing to give up their everything to fight for it. Maybe it’s because I grew up in small town America where everyone flies an American flag, supports our troops and stands with their hands over their hearts when they hear our National Anthem played before every event big and small.

I don’t live in that small town any more and it’s times like this, when I see our veterans go unappreciated, our flags burned and people texting during the National Anthem that I really detest the values this blue state holds.

I can see this is on its way to turning into a political post and that’s not what I intended this to be about. This is about thanking our veterans. It’s about taking a minute to recognize all that they gave up. It’s about giving respect to a person who fought for this country, who fought for your rights, past and present.

Regardless of your political views, your thoughts about war or this great country, *America; our veterans, our soldiers, they fight for you, whether you appreciate it or not. So, next time you are walking down the street, a free citizen, and you see a man or woman who fought to keep you that way, thank them, because no veteran should ever be surprised to hear the words,

Thank you for the service to our country!

*Please don’t think I think any different of any soldiers/veterans from other countries. It is simply that I live in America and I blog about only what I know. Veterans and soldiers from all countries deserve respect so long as they are fighting for the good of their people and not against them.

What Type of Christian Am I?

Came across this gem in my drafts so figured I’d finish it and hopefully let this be my start to getting back to blogging.

Recently I was asked the question, “what type of Christian are you?” At first, I was like, what kind of question is that? I’m the human kind?! I guess my quick answer is simply that I’m a Christian who believes in Jesus and in living like Him by loving others.

Last night, I woke up in the middle of the night and couldn’t fall back asleep. I kept thinking about this question. About this blog that I’ve not been posting to and the people I’ve come to know through it. I thought about the post where I wrote about being a bad Christian and my thought was this…

I’m the type of Christian that is liked by  non believers and disliked by many Christians. 

As I type that, it doesn’t feel right to feel that way, but so often I do. So often, I feel judged by other believers because of the simplicity of my belief system.

I believe in the basics, in a God who sent his only Son to die on the cross for us so that we can be forgiven and live forever in Heaven. I believe the Holy Spirit is always with us. But beyond that, my beliefs, my “rules,” for being a Christian are really quite simple.
Love others the way Jesus loves us. Love fully and love without borders. Do not judge others, but respect them. Even when you do not agree with a persons decisions, remember, they too are a child of God and no child is more important than another in His eyes. Live and do right, if you sin, realize we are broken and it’s OK to make a mistake, talk to God about it, make Him your number one, He is the end all, be all, everything that matters. So that’s it – Be loving. Be giving. Be kind. Pray often. Praise Him and spread His love to all.

The part of that which I’m often made to feel I’m wrong for by other believers I’ve met is the, don’t judge part. While non-believers have told me that my openness and willingness to accept and love regardless of ones choices and beliefs is what draws them into me, it’s what makes them listen to my stories or read my blogs about a God they don’t believe in, some believers have told me I’m not being a Christian when I allow someone I know to live in sin and say nothing about it.

I don’t believe this is true. I do believe that if I am in a friendship with another person who is also a Christian that I am called to help them live fruitful lives in Jesus Christ. It is o.k. and expected of me to help them stay of the path of faithfulness. However, if I have a friend who is not a follower, I am not called to hold them to the same standards as I hold my Christian friends. It is not o.k. for me to call my friend out on their “sin” if they do not believe in God and therefore cannot be held to my belief system.

At the same time, it is o.k. for me to be friends with non-believers. It is o.k. for me to accept their beliefs as their beliefs. While I feel that it is my duty to bring others to God, I know that it is not my place to push my beliefs on people I know don’t want to hear them. I have friends who are non-believers, I have friends who are atheist. They are wonderful people with good hearts. Do I want them to become believers? Of’course. When Jesus comes back, I want them to be right there next to me living forever in His kingdom. Do I force my beliefs on them? Absolutely not. Would I share my faith with them if they asked? Absolutely. But, until they ask, I simply continue to pray for them, that they will find their way to God and that if it’s in His plans that I be a part of that journey.

I wonder if this is the answer that person had in mind when they asked me what type of Christian I was? Maybe they just meant what denomination I was? I started this post several months ago so I honestly don’t remember what answer I gave them. If someone asked me that right now, I’d likely tell them, “the kind that loves God. Why what type of Christian are you?” It’s a weird question to ask really, but I guess it did make me think a lot.

Anyways, it felt good to finish this piece and start writing again. I do hope this will encourage me to start blogging again. Gave the blog a bit of an update. One day in church the phrase “like water for love” hit me and it has been on my heart since to change the blog name and start writing again. I’ll post soon about what the phrase means to me. Til then, I’ll be catching up on the blogs I’ve been missing.

With Love, From, Your Body

One day, Heaven will come down and meet Earth and on that day, every person will be seen for what is in their hearts, and that day will be perfect, because that is what is meant to be.

Unfortunately, until that day comes, we live in a world that is broken in which people are all too often judged by what is seen on the outside. I was talking to a friend today about people being judgmental towards her based on her weight. It breaks my heart to see beautiful women made to feel ugly and ashamed because someone else isn’t comfortable with the way they look.


Put a skinny girl on the cover of a magazine and we’re setting an unrealistic image for women. Put a big girl on the cover of a magazine and we’re encourage women to be overweight. To me, that sounds like a bunch of nonsense and garbage. About as much garbage as it is that we, as women, are our own worst enemies. In a time where feminism is running strong and women are fighting to be treated as equals to men, it’s us as women who are making other women feel bad about the way they look.

I’m a skinny fat, I’ve got a small frame with a chubby belly because it’s the only place I gain weight. I’ve recently started working out and I can tell you this, it has been only women who have attempted to make me feel bad about my decision to become healthier. Just as it has always been women who have attempted to shame my body. Newsflash women – if we want men to respect our bodies we should probably start by respecting each others.

One of the most beautiful things about women is that we come in all different shapes, sizes and colors, each one of unique and special in our own wonderful way. How we choose to dress our shapes, how we choose to mold are shapes, that is up to each of us and is for nobody else to decide. How I look doesn’t affect you and how you look doesn’t affect me. As women, we need to love and respect that other women are who they are and we need to encourage one another to be who we are with no apologies. What matters is that you are happy with yourself and your body.

Ladies, surround yourself with people who don’t just accept you for who you are, surround yourself with people who celebrate who you are. Surround yourself with people who will encourage you to be you, unapologetically.

Kids Speak Out on Today’s Hot Topics – 3rd Edition

It’s been awhile since I did one of these, but last night I read a blog post I talked to my daughter about and it inspired me to share some thoughts from my kids. Check out my past posts to “meet” my kids 1st Edition and 2nd Edition

You can read that post here.

Due to the above blog, I was explaining the Great Toilet Debate to my daughter, Ramona, age 10 and she said, “what’s the difference, the pee and poop all comes out of a hole the same way anyways.” Guess she told that debate where to stick it…

Ramona on illegal immigration, “if they didn’t come here the right way, why don’t they just go home then come back the right way?”

John on Gun Control, “isn’t the best way to stop someone with a gun is with your gun?”

Our apartments finally made a rule that you can’t smoke weed in your apartment. Which to me makes sense because you can’t smoke cigarettes either. So, Barney on Legal Marijuana, “it doesn’t smell like horse poop anymore” In a previous post I talked about how my toddler would smell the smoke coming from our neighbors apartment and say, “it smells like nighttime and nighttime smells like horse poop.”

John and Barney  on the Poop Pill: John: “I’d rather be fat than eat poop”
Barney “Yeah, we’re not cows.”

Ramona on Hillary,: “why do people say, ‘A Vote for Hillary is a Vote for Women’? She’s a woman, she’s NOT WOMEN.” No, no, she certainly is not all women.

John on Trump,”why do people hate Trump so much? Adults are always complaining that the President lies, well, here’s Trump telling you the truth and you don’t like that either. Trump 2016

Barney on God, “God Bless is a boy, not a girl. The Bible says so.” I didn’t teach him this, but he picked up that the Bible stories we read refer to God is a He.

John on The Oscars, “or maybe Straight Outta Compton didn’t get nominated cuz it sucked…”


All Lives Matter

Recently, my husband took my daughter to get her hair cut at a local salon that caters to African American hair. My daughter is bi racial and we are a mixed family. My daughter was scheduled to get her hair done at 11:30 that morning, and I had been told on the phone by the salon owner that the only appointment scheduled before my daughter was a person getting dreads. When my husband, daughter and her friend arrived at the salon, the appointment before my daughters was just finishing up. My daughter was checked in and my husband was met with the question, “why do you want to cut her hair anyways, it’s fine.” This coming after the 15 minute conversation I had with the same woman over the phone about the fact that my daughters ends were severely split and she had trouble taking care of her hair, therefore we wanted a short, age appropriate style that she could maintain herself. I also spent time during that conversation confiding into the owner/stylist how much trouble we have had finding a stylist that knows how to work with my daughters hair and told her several times how much I appreciated the time she was taking on the phone with me, even texting her pictures of our daughter so she knew what to expect of her hair and the style we wanted to get for her. I ended that phone conversation feeling happy and confident, based on the time spent on the phone and the great Yelp reviews of the salon, that I had found a place that would take care of our daughter.

Once my husband and daughter arrived at the salon, that all changed. My husband says that she salon was plastered with “Black Lives Matter” posters and the vibe he got from the owner/stylist in person was completely different than what I had described having over the phone. They were treated coldly and as if they weren’t there. After the client getting dreads was finished, nearly thirty minutes after my daughters scheduled time, the stylist ignored her and took a walk-in instead. When my husband asked why she didn’t take my daughter he was told, “oh yeah, I’ll get to her.” This client ended up getting extensions and while she was processing, the stylist started in on the woman’s friends extensions as well, again telling my husband, “I’ll get to her.” At 1:00, an hour and a half after my daughters scheduled appointment, the stylist took yet another customer into her chair, leaving my daughter waiting. At that point my husband, who was obviously mad at this point, told the stylist they were leaving and was met with a short, “sorry.” No real apology, no taking my blame for making them wait for an hour and a half for nothing. Nothing was said about the fact that the stylist knew we lived 45 minutes from the salon. Nothing was offered to make up for the mistake. And worst of all, nothing at all was said to my daughter. All interactions were directed towards my husband, in fact, the entire time they sat there, my daughter was never once acknowledged, let alone spoken to.

I happened to be at a different salon that day and when I told them what happened, the reccommended a local stylist. After my appointment, I contacted the salon and was scheduled in with the reccomended stylist the next day. My daughter and I arrived and her appointment started right on time. During our visit with her new stylist, I told him what had happened the day before, and he told me, apologetically, “you don’t know how many times I’ve heard that same story from clients who went to salons in that area of town. They don’t want to service people who are mixed.” I knew that was what had happened, but until I heard the words it didn’t really sink in.

My first reaction was to call the salon and talk them about what happened. My second thought was, “forget that courtesy” I’m going straight to the Better Business Bureau. Then there was a part of me that wanted to write a Letter to the Editor calling the salon out. If this situation were reversed and a person of mixed race was treated this way at a salon owned by white people, the story would be on the nightly news and the salon would be being sued. In fact, I read a story about a black woman who sued a salon owned by white people because they didn’t provide her services stating they didn’t have any stylist available who knew how to do her hair. Sure, the owners of the salon didn’t say the “didn’t know how to do” my daughters hair or that they didn’t want to. They just refused to provide her service period and I am quite confident it wasn’t because they suddenly got busy and forgot she had an appointment.

Every day, I hear about the Black Lives Matter movement. I read stories about Race Wars and hate crimes. There are stories about Muslims being killed because they are Muslims. There is the Blue Lives Matter movement. There are terrorist attacks. The list goes on and every story plays off the race angle.


You know whose lives matters? Every single persons life in this world matters. It doesn’t matter what color your skin is, what race you are, what religious group you belong to, what gender you are, YOUR LIFE MATTERS and it doesn’t matter more than the persons next you. Let’s move past the one color movements and make a shift towards a movement that treats everyone equally, because,



My First UCS!

It’s Ugly Christmas Sweater Day at my work. I’ve never done the whole ugly sweater thing since I usually make the meal. I normally spend the day cooking in my pajamas then put on something nice before guests arrive. I was super excited to have an excuse to get an ugly sweater this year but everything I found either didn’t fit right or was way too expensive for a one time a year wear. When I was Christmas shopping the other day, I found a DIY Ugly Christmas Sweater set on sale for $15. So, here it is, my very first, Ugly Christmas Sweater!  I was thinking of adding some white balls to be snow, but I need to go buy more (for Christmas, not work, I’ll be wearing it to work tonight as is). But maybe I should do something more to it, like this. 

 What do you think??

Can Somebody Send Me Some Time for Christmas?

It’s been months since I’ve posted anything on here. I have several posts sitting in draft mode that o started and have yet to finish. Seems like every time I get motivated to start writing again, I find the time to start, get interrupted and never get back to it. 


Because I’m working two jobs and my hours vary from early morning to late night. When I’m home, I want to spend to little time I have with my family. Even as I write this, my toddler woke up and I don’t know that I will have time to finish this post before he finishes breakfast and my day of appointments and hopefully squeezing in a gym sesh before work begins. 

Ally out finding balance I suppose. After the Christmas season my work schedule should be more consistent hours depending on what happens with my career path over the next couple of weeks. Whatever the path, I believe God’s will shall be done. 

I’m off to my fist appointment soon. Thanks to those who checked in on me in my absence, your wonderful. 

Here’s how I spent my morning before this

Treats for Christmas. Rudolph and Frosty! I’ll post directions soon.